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Halal Certification Organization

Halal certification-Organization

The organization officially began its activity in 2015, initially owned by the Malaysian halal.com subdivision, and after a year of joint activity, it was officially registered in Malaysia independently, followed by the ...

About us

Over the years, we have been able to issue and provide continuous monitoring for more than 220 food and beverage companies in Asia, the Middle East, and eventually in Europe.And soon And soon we will expand...

Halal & Haram

The meaning of ‘Haram” is the opposite of Halal. i.e. not permitted etc,     and The meaning of the word Halal is: “Permitted, allowed, authorised, approved, sanctioned, lawful, legal, legitimate or licit....................

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Enter a business name and certificate number to request whether a business has been Halal Certified, suspended or withdrawn .